About the board

Dr. Larry Krumenaker
President (and Editor of News.ISWA, ISWA’s newsletter/blog)

Larry KrumenakerDr. Larry Krumenaker is by training an astronomer, by trade a writer, and by nature an educator. Nominally based in a suburb of Atlanta, he had been living and working in Germany since 1 March 2015, first as Journalist in Residence at the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies, and then, until April 2016, as Guest Researcher at the University of Cologne. Now he lives in Alabama…go figure….

Krumenaker has published numerous articles on science and other topics, and was formerly a publisher of astronomy education periodicals. Now he is primarily a writer of books. His most recent book was actually on Atlanta in the Civil War, but Krumenaker is currently working on three different astronomy-based books/e-books, set to come out over the next year.

“I want to see our organization double its size in one year, and return to triple digits in two, by creating services and activities that aid the careers of ISWA’s members, and world science writing in general, and bring in new members.”

Dr. Sedeer el-Showk
Vice President

Sedeer el-ShowkDr. Sedeer el-Showk grew up immersed in science and in love with language. He has an MSc in evolutionary biology and a PhD in plant biology, but realized that he prefers writing about science to doing research. Sedeer is based in Morocco and (occasionally) Finland.

Sedeer has written for Nature Middle East, Nature Asia-Pacific, Science, Nautilus, SciDev.net, and others. For several years, he wrote about evolutionary biology on Accumulating Glitches, part of Nature Education’s Scitable blog network. He also covered a wide range of topics on his own blog, Inspiring Science, though it is on hiatus at the moment.

“For 18 months, I worked with the Interim Board to rebuild ISWA’s infrastructure. Now ISWA is ready to go, but it needs to attract new members, a task which calls for active, engaged leadership. Together with the rest of the Board, I will work to create activities to support our members and promote ISWA to a new generation of science writers.”

Vera Novais


Jim Cornell

Jim CornellJames Cornell served for nearly 30 years as Publications Manager for the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, responsible for all technical and popular information. The author or editor of more than a dozen science books for general audiences, he has also written for a variety of US newspapers and magazines, as well writing and producing video and film documentaries and museum exhibits. As long-time President of the International Science Writers Association (ISWA), he promoted science communication globally by providing a forum for journalists from the developing world. He continues these efforts as a freelance writer and consultant to various organizations.

“As long-time President of the International Science Writers Association (ISWA), I promoted science communication globally by providing a forum for journalists from the developing world. I will continue these efforts as an ISWA Board Member-at-Large, offering the benefit of my long experience with the organization in the past to help shape its evolution in the future.”

Last updated: March 2018