President’s Letter, News.ISWA #4

I was ISWA’s first, and longest serving, webmaster, and I had wanted to retire from it for years. I was able to hand it off to the much better Sedeer el-Showk and ‘retired’ to the ISWA Secretariat. I was grabbed back, kicking and screaming to the Interim Board. Why? Because we were apparently the last six standing and we all wanted to raise ISWA up from the near-dead. That required two steps—fix the house and infrastructure, and then do things that increase our numbers. In the past 18 months we did the first thing, but little of the second. So hen wanted to retire from the Board, or at least downgrade to Member-at-Large. Alas, something inside me said, “Nope. You still have to at least give Part Two a shot.” And that meant fighting for the top spot.

So, here I am. Not exactly the way to retire from the Board.

Yet, despite my reluctance for the position as ISWA’s President, I’m quite excited because the incoming New Board is filled with younger, eager-to-do-work people. If I’m lucky, they will make me look good…..

So what’s my agenda? There are five things I want to try to do:

  1. Raise the number of ISWA members, of course. We once were at least 100 science writersSmall but influential. Now we are too small though still influential. I want to get us back up to small, or better. How?….
  2. ….By providing services that newer members would want. We need to DO things so that people will hear about us and want to join us. We should be more than the catchall for people in countries without a national science journalism association, and a place to get a Press Card cheap. What? Not sure yet.
  3. But whatever we do, I want it to be done globally. We’re NOT a national association, we are international. I want us to be some kind of science writers without borders.
  4. There hasn’t been a meeting of members since some time in the early 2000’s. Our constitution mandates annual meetings, real or virtual. We need to meet…
  5. Last, this is our 50th year. I want to do something special for it. Got ideas? Write me! And not only should you wish me luck, but also the new Board, and don’t sit on the sidelines. TAKE PART. MAKE ME LOOK GOOD . <grin>

– Dr. Larry Krumenaker